About Team Powered Success

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Team Powered Success: Essential Tools for Effective Teams

Team Powered Success provides teams with the structure and the tools they need to progress through the classic stages of team development.

The structured program emphasizes shared leadership, accountability, realistic goal setting with easy-to-follow lessons for any team, new or growing, virtual or face-to-face.

Coupled with the Kolbe A™ Index and a targeted, free Team Success Survey, the Team Powered Success program identifies a team’s integral talents, validates their goals, evaluates their outcomes and sets them on the path to success.

Create Your Personal Advisory Team: Our team development programs provide people with productive forums in which to focus their lives, businesses and career options. With a team of like-minded people, members can leverage their expertise and increase productivity.


Staring a venture? Need help? Starting a new business can be a very lonely job.  Create an advisory team with other high powered people, everyone working to grow their business. TPS shows you how!

Direct Sales Marketers

Get your distributors on a team! Imagine the shared enthusiasm as they exchanges tips, set goals and track their growth. Our structured program guides teams through the four stages of team development to a position where they have control and support. Create teams that move forward with measurable results.  TPS provides the tools!

 Military Personnel

military manRe-entering the work force can be a challenge. It can feel very lonely after working so closely in a team environment.  Join your team of vets and support each other through the process of identifying skills transferable to the private sector and creating a plan for success. TPS has the structure!

Job Seekers  

job seeker witrh blue bookCreate a virtual job club! Professionals seeking a career change form a “head hunting” team, critique resumes & cover letters, exchange leads and more.  TPS is customized to help!


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