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be vigilant 3

I’ve been writing for 30+ years and I’ve written for regional publications, one national pub, one international pub and a number of online publications. And I wrote in previous posts about self-publishing because I have a couple of manuscripts I’m … Continue reading

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Online Proofing Pros & Cons

I may have mentioned before that I am a member of a writers group in southwest Florida. We meet monthly and traditionally have invited other in or around the writing profession to make presentations to our members. In May, the … Continue reading

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Reflection on Coincidences

As a teen, I hung out with other teens, none of which, as far as I knew, had any criminal intent. Well, no major criminal intent. But life as a teen is what it is and sometimes you do what … Continue reading

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A Recommendation

I write primarily non-fiction, everything from video scripts, to social media and web content, magazine articles, collateral materials, handbooks and more. I also read non-fiction primarily, including a number of book on writing, including Elements of Style and others by … Continue reading

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The New Journalism / Creative Non-Fiction

As you may know, the 1960s gave rise to The New Journalism whose practioners and proponents included Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson and Gay Talese. Below is a link to an interview in the Paris Review with Gay Talese. It … Continue reading

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Videos About Writing

Okay. What I am about to tell you is likely old,old news to many people. But hey, it’s my blog and so it’s new to me. Today I was talking to another writer about writing and perhaps creating a writing … Continue reading

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A Caveat About Forming Teams

We have posted suggestions about writing, about teams, about a lot of stuff and this post sort of incorporates a number of items we have addressed before. When it comes to creative teams, there are a number of factors, assuming … Continue reading

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