The Editor & The Publisher

From The Editor

      It’s an honor to be able to showcase a variety of professionals with insights into how teams do  — and do not — work.

      For this premier issue, what’s clever is the insights the contributors bring to how teams function. And it may help readers re-think about what constitutes a team versus a working group for example.

Whether you belong to a not-for-profit, a direct sales organization, an informal assembly of entrepreneurs, there is something for all of you in this issue. And there is more to  come in future issues. Our intent — the editor and publisher – is to offer E-Team Journal as a resource for people looking to create effective teams or refine the procedures an existing team uses to navigate the classic stages of team development.

If you and your team have stories — whether they are about successes or struggles — and you think others can learn from them, just drop us a query and we will take them under advisement. Bob McCarthy(


From The Publisher

      We hope that you will enjoy our first publication of the E-Team Journal and you learn some valuable information from the discussion about teams.  Our mission is to provide Information about various kinds of teams that you can apply in your personal life or your business. 

This E-Team Journal is sponsored by Team Powered Success, where we believe that success is better powered by the team.  But, these teams must be Performing Teams, working together, moving forward, and reaching their goals.  At Team Powered Success we provide the tools for a team to move through the various stages of team development, set realistic goals, and achieve measureable results.

We feel that this E-Team Journal is the only one of its kind. We are the only e-zine devoted to helping so many different types of teams grow. To do this we are reaching out to different authors each quarter, to provide a wide field of thought about different aspects  teams.   If you feel that we provide information that others will find of value, please forward this e-zine to them.  Go ahead and join our contact list so you won’t miss an issue! Sally L. Vickers (

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