A Borrowed Post on Starting and Testing

The following is “borrowed” from a recent post by Seth Godin.

Writing the first draft of a computer program is easy. It’s the testing that separates the professional from a mere hack. Test and then, of course, make it better.
The same thing is true with:
• Restaurant recipes
• Essays
• Web user interface
• Customer service
• Management techniques
• Licensing agreements
• Strategy
• Relationships of all kinds
The reason it’s so difficult to test and improve is that it requires you to acknowledge that your original plan wasn’t perfect. And to have the humility and care to go ahead and fix it.
No fair announcing that you’re good at starting things. The world is looking for people who are good at polishing them until they work.

#  # #

I especially identify with recipes and essays and I’ll add writing non-fiction works or memoirs. Heck, it’s my life and I lived it so what can’t a write it? It’s not just the starting with when the doctor slapped you on the bum. It’s can you sustain a story for 36,-000 words of more? Then you can go back and polish what you have written so that others will want to read it too.

Are there other processes that need to be tested before being implemented?

B-17PS : I read once that the idea of having a checklist resulted from a crash of an early B-17 when the crew did not use, or even know of, a checklist. So you may want to test something, but do you have written and approved procedures, a logical checklist?


About Bob McCarthy

Originally from the Northeast, I now call Southwest Florida home. I have been a professional copywriter and editor since 1979, both freelance and in house. I have had article published in regional, national and international magazines. Plus, a video for which I wrote the script won an industry award as Best Training Video.
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