The adage: “There’s No ‘I’ in Team.”

bbatterWe are fully cognizant that the posts on this blog tend to answer one requirement: do they meet our whim for variety. We’ve had posts about writing, about trends, about fun and about teams, which was the original intent of the blog.

And we remain firmly convinced that a committed team of four-to-six honest, trusting and accountable people can move figurative mountains.

And many of the posts on other blogs tends to repeat or reword the same old/same old about about teams and how to keep them fresh and creative and happy and whatever.

The latest is from the Harvard Business Review and it emphasizes similar principles as we (Ahem!) have emphasized. They are:

Principles to Remember


  • Create regular opportunities to expose your team members to new ideas and perspectives
  • Cultivate a culture where your team feels confident sharing their rough ideas without fear of failure
  • Develop a plan for action by setting aside a modest budget for experimenting with new ideas (Or, we suggest, to celebrate the team’s victories. Editor)


  • Host vague brainstorming sessions with grandiose goals; rather, focus your team’s attention toward solving a particular problem
  • Hold up unattainable examples of innovation success; find models that are relatable
  • Persist in using tired business-speak; frame ideas using language that will resonate with your team

One more Do. If you are on a team with challenges, here is a way to get some free and objective feedback. Have your team take our free survey via the link on the menu to the right.

PS: Email us ahead of time so we can provide details and look for your responses. And a minimum of four team members must participate in the survey. Thanks.

The HBR piece is here.

Comments welcomed!

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Originally from the Northeast, I now call Southwest Florida home. I have been a professional copywriter and editor since 1979, both freelance and in house. I have had article published in regional, national and international magazines. Plus, a video for which I wrote the script won an industry award as Best Training Video.
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