A Tip for Working from Home

IMG_1617How was your winter?  With the weather that most of the country has had this winter, I can only imagine how many people were wishing that they could work from home.

We have been talking about the advantages of working from home for years.  Here’s one of our posts that appeared in a B2B print magazine:  “Let’s Go Green with Virtual Teams.”

Today, I saw a tip that we have been using for years.  It was in a recent post from Fast Company, “How to Make Working from Home More Productive.”

  1. Fast Company calls it “Revive Your Drive”.  We call it “Accountability Team.”  But it is the same principle.  Everyone that works from home should schedule time to meet with “like minded” people who are willing to share ideas, ask questions, and make suggestions.  This meeting could be face-to-face for coffee or lunch, but it could also be done virtually.  The important part is meeting with people who are willing to commit, share, and listen.

To make these meetings worth your time and not just social, you also need:

  • A plan or agenda for the meeting discussion
  • A plan to make sure that everyone gets a chance to contribute
  • Goals – what would each person like to accomplishwww.facebook.com/teampoweredsuccess

Do you have an “Accountability Team” to help you reach your goals?


About Sally Vickers

I help individuals work together. Helping individuals know more about what talents they bring to the team. Helping parents with a Parent Guide Report. Helping individuals compare their talents to get the job done with 100 different careers.
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