Women Are Not All the Same! We Should Take Up Several Binders!

There has been a lot of talk lately about “binders full of women.”  I watched that debate and I must admit that I didn’t much like the thought of being grouped in a binder full of women.  But, I understand that there are now a lot of women “proud to be a binder girl.”

I’m not going to get in the middle of a political debate.  The only point that I wanted to make was that if the binders are out there, women should take up several binders in different categories because we women are all different with different ways of doing things.

Newscasters are even stereotyping women as all being of the same mind.  Kathy Kolbe tweeted recently that Gloria Borger from CNN stated that we women are gatherers.  She said that we get a lot of info before we make up our minds.  That may be so with some women, me included, but not with all women.  The science of conation has proven that only 20% of women need the details or a lot of info before we make up our minds. The same is true of men.

If you are wondering about the “science of conation”, check out www.kolbe.com.  There you can learn more about the assessment that we use at Team Powered Success.

What did you think about the “binders full of women?”

About Sally Vickers

I help individuals work together. Helping individuals know more about what talents they bring to the team. Helping parents with a Parent Guide Report. Helping individuals compare their talents to get the job done with 100 different careers.
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