Res paratus, being prepared.

Julius Ceasar

I watched a televised debate between an incumbent and his challenger. Each person had a set number of minutes to state his or her position. When one finished, the opponent was given an amount of time to reply, and then the first speaker could offer a rejoinder.

Now, if one spoke longer than the allotted time, the other got an equal amount added to their time. After a while, the moderator’s role become more that of a timekeeper. One candidate thought they had used their time, were told they had, for example 17 seconds more, so they had to pick up where they had left off, and try to say something coherent.

It was getting madcap.

A day later, I’m at a luncheon listening to a guest speaker talk about B2B networking. Moreover, he says that the purpose of an elevator speech is not to tell someone everything you know in 30 seconds. Rather, the purpose of the elevator speech is to have the recipient say, “Tell me more.”

This brings us to res paratus. The candidates for president of the United States are spending considerable time we are told practicing for the three nationally televised debates. (The last of the three is this coming Monday.) There is a lot riding on this preparation because it can help decide who our next president is.

So who is helping you be prepared. For example, do you blog and if so do you write, edit, proofread and publish all the posts? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team to share the responsibility and, yes, even the fun and the sense of contributing?

Just think of how many blogs you have seen where most recent post was three, four or six months earlier. Bet those bloggers wish they had a team. Then they might have been able to tell more.

 If you’re not quite sure how to get a collaborative blog together, contact us. We can help.


About Bob McCarthy

Originally from the Northeast, I now call Southwest Florida home. I have been a professional copywriter and editor since 1979, both freelance and in house. I have had article published in regional, national and international magazines. Plus, a video for which I wrote the script won an industry award as Best Training Video.
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