Have You Hugged a Client or Team Member Today?

Customer service has really been on my mind lately.  Our only daughter just got married two weeks ago.  The wedding was beautiful, she was happy, and everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the food.  Yes, that is what you hope for, but the part that I still have nightmares about, is the level of customer service from some of our wedding vendors.  What has happened to customer service!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t everyone, but the vendors that need to go back to marketing school and learn about customer service took the spotlight.

For example, our wedding planner insisted that she have a copy of all vendor contracts. I understand the need for that request.  But, one of our vendors was giving his business services as a wedding gift.  You don’t ask Aunt Sue, who has promised to buy your china as a gift, to sign a contract stating what gift she plans to buy.  Of course not!  But our wedding planner went on and on about this, so finally I told her not to contact this vendor under any circumstances.  I told her that we would sign something to let her off the hook, but that we didn’t want him contacted.

Guess what, she went behind our backs and contacted this business owner anyway!  Not only that, she spoke to his receptionist and said that it was a wedding emergency, and contacted him via his cell phone.  She had to find out if he was bringing the Gelato and in what flavors.  Oh my goodness, we were so embarrassed.  In my view, this was not customer service.  What part of “No” did she not understand? 

You can tell that all of this has really been on my mind, and I think that it all boils down to thinking about the other person and not so much about yourself.  Our wedding planner was thinking too much about herself and not listening to her client.

Whether you are working with clients, or with your team-mates, please let me remind us of a few points to include:

  1. Take the time to ask your customer or your team-mate about what you can do for them today.  (Remember the “givers gain” rule in business)
  2. Thank your customers and your teammates for what they have done for you.  Don’t always be asking for the sale, or talking about what went wrong.
  3. Call or talk to your customer or teammate just to check up on them.  They will be so surprised, because you may be the only one that has asked.
  4. Maybe your teammate or customer needs that pat on the back.  Or in the right circumstance, maybe even a quick hug.

Care about the people around you, treat them like you would want to be treated, and don’t just see them as making a difference in your revenue! 

I need a hug.

What are some of your wedding stories? 

About Sally Vickers

I help individuals work together. Helping individuals know more about what talents they bring to the team. Helping parents with a Parent Guide Report. Helping individuals compare their talents to get the job done with 100 different careers.
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