4 of the Best People to Have On Your Team

The Fact Finder

I’m finally getting around to this post that I should have done at least a week ago.  Sometimes it seems to take me a while to get ready to make a post.

I haven’t been goofing off.  I’ve been collecting information on my topic.  Now I have so much information that I can not possibily get all of it into one post.  This is what usually happens to me, and has been happening all of my life.  But, now I know why and I no longer feel like I have to say “I’m sorry.”  It’s just the way that I do things and that’s alright; as long as I know this about myself, don’t use it as an excuse, and know who I need on my team to keep me moving forward.

I’m a Fact Finder; someone that feels more comfortable with all the information or facts.  But left to my own resources, I would be glad to just continue collecting history and facts without actually getting to the project.  That’s why I surround myself with people like Bob, a Quick Start, because he will move quickly, and I must do the same to keep up.  If I surround myself with people just like me, we would all stay stuck at first base and would never get anywhere.

Several years ago, I was introduced to the Kolbe A™Index and the four Action Modes® that describe the way we get things done.

  • Fact Finder is based on the need to do the research and gather the information; they’re the friends who’ll research every fact about any task they’re about to take on.  They “Google” everything, plus look at almost all of the responses.
  • Follow Thru is based on the need to follow a system or organize.  They are the friends that have files for everything, and they want to know all of the plans before saying yes.
  • Quick Start is based on how we handle risk or change. These are the friends that swing into action before the testing is over.  They love a challenge.
  • Implementer is based on the need to demonstrate.  They respond better to things that they can touch more than castles in the sky.  They may be great in sports.

Think about what Action Mode best describes you.  You can make a general decision on this, but remember that you are a combination of all four and to really know yourself you need to take a Kolbe A Index.  When you understand how you best take aciton or make decisions you can start looking for members of your team.

It would be easy to find people just like you, but that will not make for the best team.  Search out team members that display actions that you would normally run from.  Having opposites on your team, but knowing why they take action the way that they do, will make for your best team:

  • If you have trouble getting started on difficult projects, look for a Quick Start.  The person that will surprise you and make a move before you are ready, perhaps only hours after coming up with the idea.
  • If you love creative chaos and hate systems, think about adding a Follow Thru to your team.  This could be the friend that has a very organized closet or office.
  • If you never read instructions or follow the complete recipe, you may need to find yourself a Fact Finder.  The kind of person that does the research before feeling comfortable with a decision.
  • If you would rather not complete that home remodel project, or show others how to use the newest appliance, you may want to team up with an Implementer.  That could be the person that brags about the joy of installing the new kitchen floor, or learning the latest sports crase.

Now that you have your new team, set up some time to talk about the ways that each of you get things done.  You will have a team that out performs most of the others.

I would love to hear about things that you do that match an operating style.

About Sally Vickers

I help individuals work together. Helping individuals know more about what talents they bring to the team. Helping parents with a Parent Guide Report. Helping individuals compare their talents to get the job done with 100 different careers.
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