Small Steps: Forming a Team Powered Blog

Earlier this month we posted a piece about teams within teams. Since then we have been looking for people who want to start such a team, a team of bloggers and they have come forth!

We have four people whose professions are healthcare-related and they want to join forces and write a blog. They have varying experience in social networking — as do many of us — but they do have the professional expertise from which a target market well may benefit.

They have purchased a domain name and have created an account for their blog with plans to have it active by the end of June 2011. In the interim, we are providing some assistance. For example, we have encouraged the four members to develop a mission statement for their team. We have also recommended they create an editorial calendar with assigned topics, authors and editors. We expect this pre-planning will ease the startup process. We will keep you informed.


About Bob McCarthy

Originally from the Northeast, I now call Southwest Florida home. I have been a professional copywriter and editor since 1979, both freelance and in house. I have had article published in regional, national and international magazines. Plus, a video for which I wrote the script won an industry award as Best Training Video.
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