6 Reasons Blogging For Business Is Important

Have you decided to join the band wagon and try your hand at blogging for your business?  I know that blogs have been around for a while, but some of us just never got around to taking the plunge.  Especially for a Solo Entrepreneur it can be really scary.  People keep telling us that you don’t want to start a blog, because it is lots of work, you get tired of posting, and you run out of things to write about.

These are 6 Reasons why you should be blogging for your business:

  1. Blogs are considered Social Media.  That topic is all over the news and media today.    Each blog post is a piece of social media, and can be distributed all over the web. 
  2. Blogging gives you a way to show your audience that you are an expert on a topic. 
  3. Blogging doesn’t have to be a solo job, so the pressure is off of the Solo Entrepreneur.  You can no longer use this one as an excuse.
  4. Blogging helps the search engines find you and your business.
  5. Blogging develops a conversation with your audience.  Over time they begin to trust you and want to do business with you.
  6. Once your audience has developed trust in you, it will be second nature for them to recommend your business to their friends.

Now, you should be convinced that blogging for your business is the next logical step to promoting your business.

About Sally Vickers

I help individuals work together. Helping individuals know more about what talents they bring to the team. Helping parents with a Parent Guide Report. Helping individuals compare their talents to get the job done with 100 different careers.
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