Are Skills the Most Important Factor in Virtual Teams? by Sally Lee Vickers

Hiring Managers usually use some type of Personality Evaluation in hiring new members to the business team.  Or at least that is the case when they are hiring for the local team.  But, when hiring more remote team players, hiring managers tend to focus just on skills.  That could be a huge mistake.

Recently, Jessica Stillman posted a remark about hiring Web Workers.  I agree with her basic statement, but personality and skills are not the only things necessary to make the best hire.

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Yes, personality is very important when hiring a member of your face-to-face team, and it is even more important when hiring a member of your virtual team.  The people on this virtual team also have to be able to live with you.

But, is a personality assessment enough?  It doesn’t really tell you how that person will take action, or make decisions.  Nor will it tell you how this person will fit into the rest of the team.  Only the Kolbe Index™ will measure and provide this information for you.

That’s why we think that the Kolbe Index has made such a difference in working with virtual teams.  Not only does it tell the individual team player what they bring to the team, but, when every team player shares their Kolbe results, they know and can trust what the other team players bring to the team.  This quickly can develop the trust needed on any kind of team.

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