How to Better Understand Others on a Team – by Sally Vickers

Today on John Maxwell’s facebook page,, he posted a simple quote that really says a lot.

“The more you are what you really are, the more you understand others as they are.” – Unknown

That is a very powerful quote. I see it working everytime someone understands they Kolbe A™ Index results. Once they understand their natural instincts, (the natural way they take action and solve a problem), they begin to understand other individuals and their natural instincts.
This process is so very important when you are working with a team.

One of the first of the four stages of team development is called the “Storming” stage. This is when members of the team are trying to decide where their place is on the team and what the team will expect from them. This is also a time when each team member is wondering what they can expect from the other team members and wheather they can trust each other.

So the testing begins and each team member will test the others and see what will happen. This causes a “storm”, thus the name. Some teams never move pass this stage. They get stalled out in one place just turning their wheels without much result.
If they could know who they are and what they bring to the team, and know more about the other team members and what they bring to the team. They can learn to trust each other quicker and move out of the “Storming” stage of team development.

One of the best tools to provide this information quickly and precise is the Kolbe A™ Index. That is why this is one of the important tools that we use in the Team Powered Success packages.
What tool do you use with your team to help them move past this “Storming “stage of team development?

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